Frequently Asked Questions About Travel to Iran

About Iran

  • Is Iran safe for traverlers?

    Tourists’ perception and subjective concerns from one hand and the realities on the other hand about a destination are sometimes on opposing sides. Do you feel insecurity when making a decision to travel to Iran? Are your perceptions influenced more by the facts and actual risks or the effects of media propagandas? Apart from the effects of media, we understand that tourists tend to have less fear of traveling to destinations with which they have a cultural affinity in terms of religion, language, customs, and the like. The higher the level of true knowledge and experience of Iran and its people’s hospitality, the higher the likelihood of perceived security about the country. For more information about different aspects of security in Iran, please read the Lonelyplanet. It argues that in Iran, “violent crime against foreigners is extremely rare and, indeed, they are unlikely to be treated with anything but courtesy and friendliness”; this applies to all international tourists.

  • When is the best time to travel to Iran?

    It depends on what you want to do! In most places in Iran summer is hot and winter is cold, with snow in some places. During the month of Ramadan it can be difficult for travellers as many food stores are close during the day. At times around the Iranian New Year which occurs on March 21, more people inside Iran go on holiday, so it can be more difficult to secure accommodation.

  • Is there Internet access in Iran?

    The hotels in program have Internet access; however, it may not be reliable or up to the standards you are accustomed to at home. Please be aware some websites are not accessible in Iran. Some of the social sites and Messenger Apps like Facebook and twitter are blocked in Iran. WhatsApp, Instagram are not blocked in Iran. Please be aware the list of blocked sites is subject to change without notice.

Plan Your Trip

  • Isn’t it cheaper to arrange the trip myself?

    Well it wouldn't be the case for Iran, here most hotels don't have websites and won't answer properly also transferring money to Iran is a real hassle because of all the sanctions. Also with our years of experience and connections we can assure you of the services and prices we can provide you with. You're in good hands with us :)

  • Do I need a visa for Iran? And how hard is to get an Iranian visa?

    Whether you need a visa depends on where you are from and where you are travelling to. Citizens of around 60 countries do not need a visa to enter Iran for travelling purposes for various amounts of times. Most other countries citizens can gain a visa on arrival from most of the major airports in Iran, although for peace of mind they can also apply for visas beforehand. Visas on arrival for most countries only allow for a stay of 15 days.

  • Can you travel to Iran as an unmarried couple?

    Yes! This is an often more assumed problem than a real one for most travelers. Travelling to Iran will not be a problem. Most hotels, like everyone else, won’t ask or care about your relationship status. In the case that they do, it is up to individual travelers to decide how they respond but no proof of marriage is required. In the very worst scenario, you may be required to take separate rooms but this is almost unheard of, particularly for foreign travelers. But remember unmarried Persian couples are not able to get a hotel room. If you’re married to an Iranian we advise you to carry your marriage certificate with passport as proof of marriage.

  • Will my cell phone, smartphone or PDA device work in Iran?

    Contact your cellular telephone provider to determine if your phone operates on the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and what, if any, activation may be required.

  • Can you backpack in Iran?

    Backpacking, as a concept, is not as well known in Iran as in Europe or Australia, so specific backpacker hostels do not exist but this does not making backpacking impossible, in fact some of the conditions make backpacking ideal. For 20 to 40 US dollars a night you can get rooms at budget hotels, which include breakfast, transport is inexpensive between cities, as is food. As a guest, you can also expect to be offered food. So, a traveller on a budget can expect to have a bit more comfort in Iran than in a lot of other places. Hitchhiking is not common in Iran, however, so don’t expect people to know what you are looking for and remember the thumbs up sign in Iran is like giving someone the middle finger in other countries, a sign of disrespect.