17 March 2020
Takam-Chi - Amu Nowruz Travel

Takam-Chi – Photo by crd.urmia.ir

Takam is another symbol of Nowruz rituals. Takam is a wooden goat whose height is about twenty-thirty CM which is made in a very simple way. It is like a doll which is decorated with colorful cottons, glass beads, coins and cock’s tail feathers.

A person who is called Takam-Chi runs the Takam with a small wooden stick by his right hand and the stick is connected to the body of Takam, Takam is moving up and down on a round surface and he sings Turkish songs while moving Takam. This ceremony is called Takam Gardani which is common among the ranchers of Azerbaijan region.

It was initially held by the shepherds who were familiar with folk music. Takam-Chi starts his job from the second week of the last Iranian month. Some people who are called Chagoor Navaz usually accompany the Takam-Chi.