Nowruz Khani

17 March 2020
Nowruz Khani - Amu Nowruz Travel

Nowruz Khani
Photo by Mostafa Hassanzadeh / TasnimNews

Nowruz Khani or singing for the spring is a way of informing people that spring and Nowruz are on the way, this ritual has been common in Gilan and Mazandaran provinces since a very long time ago.

The people who are in charge of this informative ritual go to the alleys and streets in a group of two-six people from the beginning of the last Iranian month and play different musical instruments to inform people of the arrival of the New Year. In each group there is an experienced elderly person who sings the main poems which are about Nowruz, he is called Sarkhan and hence Nowruz Khani will start. The other members of the group will accompany the Sar Khan and start singing with him.

This ritual is not common among a special social class and everyone is pleased and happy by hearing their songs. The theme of the songs which they sing is mainly called Dashti, Bayat Tork and Chahrgah. In the past people donated foods and fruits as gifts to these people and nowadays, they donate money. By the end of the day, Nowruz Khan prays for the people and the ceremony will be over. It is believed that the history of this ritual dates back to the Parthian Empire.