Alamut castle

7 March 2019

Alamut castle has known as one of the prominent tourism attraction of Iran and Qazvin province. The castle located in Rudbar Alamut region of Qazvin county on top of high rock about 200 meters and background of castle dates back to pre–Median era it is well known because of Hasan-i Sabbah the leader of Ismailites (a branch of Shia Islam) in Seljuk era (1037- 1153 AD). He chose the castle as headquarter for himself, the castle is known as Hasan-i Sabbah, it has been invaded for several times, but it was practically inaccessible to enemies attack. Watching tower, storeroom, water reservoirs, residential section, and mosque are among main parts of the castle. Alamut has had faced lots of ups and down in course of history therefore it is interesting for researchers in the field of culture and history. If you like to know deeply about Iranian history visiting the castle would be a proper option.