The Story of Amu Nowruz

Once upon a time, there was an experienced and euphoric traveler called Amu Nowruz along with his innumerable travel stories in Iran; a kind old man traveling at the beginning of Spring, to Iran and all parts of the world. Amu Nowruz was taking all the steps to meet Nane Sarma who was affectionately loving Amu Nowruz. She aspired to embrace Amu Nowruz at the end of Winter that is the beginning of the Spring every year. For this, she used to wake up earlier in the morning, sweeping and cleaning her entire house, and spreading Haft Seen cloth (consisted of seven symbolic items beginning with the letter S), to warmly welcome Amu Nowruz. However, poor she, unluckily each year, she was falling asleep just before Amu Nowruz arrives. Once Amu Nowruz was arriving, Nane Sarma used to fall asleep.

Nonetheless, the kindhearted Amu Nowruz did not wake her up. He calmly sat next to Nane Sarma, eating some of her food, picking a flower from her garden and putting it on her Chador (long flowery-motif veil), then, continued the rest of his year-long journey. When the sun dawn touched Nane Sarma’s face, all of a sudden, she woke up, finding that regret! She missed seeing Amu Nowruz again. Meaning that she should wait for another year.

The story of Amu Nowruz is one of the famous anecdotes in Iran’s and its neighbor counties’ folkloric literature which share the ancient Nowruz celebration. A short mystic anecdote that has been descended from generation to generation. Nane Sarma is the symbol of the cold season, and Amu Nowruz represents the beginning of the Spring and the rejuvenation. These two mythical characters that remind us of the fading of oldness and the overall transformation in spiritual aspects of life.