Amu Nowruz Travels Company

Amu Nowruz has registered its brand in Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Organization of Iran. Amu Nowruz is a legendary figure in Iranian folklore and is well-known in cultures that celebrate Nowruz festivities from Albania in the West to the west of China in the East.

We attempt to introduce travel as a peacemaker between people of different regions and cultures as well as to provision varied experiences for those who travel to and within Iran and its neighbor countries. Our clients constitute both the individual and group travelers.

Our Mission

The mission of Amu Nowruz is to promote travel and tourism in order to improve morale, health, and quality of life among different segments of host and guest communities in Iran.

Our Vision

Amu Nowruz aims to become one of the leading international travel agencies in terms of performance and service quality from the perspective of customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Our Goals

The main goals of Amu Nowruz Company include providing information about Iran and other destinations to tourists, facilitating their process of travel decision-making, and providing various services to tourists. Using social entrepreneurship, Amu Nowruz attempts to provide travel opportunities for all especially disadvantaged people to improve their quality of life. Amu Nowruz also aims to satisfy tourists with different tastes and retain them through myriad of innovative and creative services.

Organizational Structure

Established by Amu Nowruz’s experienced and expert human resources, teamwork and the dynamic working environment, an organic structure is devised for the company. The figure below shows Amu Nowruz’s organizational chart.

Amu Nowruz Travels Organizational Structure